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According to this study which is based on Gallup polls, the majority of American public is in favor of physician-assisted suicide in cases however the public policies and laws do not reflect the feelings of the American people.  This study is from the perspective of the social workers, and according to the study since the number of people who consider euthanasia acceptable is increasing, the social workers would be encountering more cases where people are more vocal in their demand for Euthanasia.

Harvath, T A, Miller, L L, Smith, K A, Clark, L D, Jackson, A and Ganzini, L. (2006). Dilemmas encountered by hospice workers when patients wish to hasten death.  Journal of Hospice & Palliative Nursing; 8(4), 200-209.

In 1997 the State of Oregon legalized physician-assisted suicide. Since then according to the article, 247 people have died using physician-assisted suicide. Most of them go to Hospice to die. This research is based on a two-part qualitative study of nurses and social workers and their attitudes and experiences with the physician-assisted suicides. This study shows that although the patients have a legal right to physician-assisted suicide, the nurses and social workers have to deal with their own personal beliefs and it’s not easy assisting people to die.

Miracle VA. (2006). A closing word: End of life — personal experiences. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, 25(4): 196, 195.

This article is an account of personal experiences of a critical care nurse. She looks at the different end of life experiences she witnessed first as a nurse and in one case as a close relative.

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