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In a world where there are limited resources like water and oil and there is extreme environmental spoilage because of mismanagement and waste of some resources, it important to find alternative and to switch from that exploitation rather than exploiting physical resources to justify the use. Given the need to balance for power inequity in society, when an argument occurs between people or between humans and nature, the least controlling should be given thought ahead of the most powerful. This should relate not only to the links between people but also between humans and other species. In a world where the poor are drastically more in number then the rich and where the force of the economy is more powerful than the investment by the rich to ease create viable and sufficient income for the poor is perhaps more important than redistribution of earnings. In a world entwined in multiple predicaments simultaneously, active commitment to solving the problems is conceivably more serious than charitable sharing. And in a world where some people are particularly wealthy while others are besieged, measures to improve the standard of living of the well-off are positive of lower precedence than measures to advance the welfare of the less well off.

In the past, it was understood that firms could keenly follow the private good because governments would look after the public welfare. But the change in the balance of corporate and government power,  with more and more control in the hands of a few corporate giants, based on the globalization of the economy, means that governments are less keen and able to guarantee suitable outcomes and the old distribution of labor will no longer work. Firms are now so powerful collectively that the private interest is expected to prevail over the public good.

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