Essay: The World Intelligence services after 9/11-Basic Intelligence

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There are several intelligence products but the main ones include basic intelligence, current intelligence and the intelligence estimates (Ratcliffe 2005 p.467). A standard product that provides an overall assessment of the level of play in another government, market, military, or market is usually from the open sources but sometimes it can involve secret sources for the purposes of value addition to the information received (Skogan 1996). Current intelligence as a product refers to a topic of immediate interest and explains that such intelligence is usually passed on without a chance for further evaluation to it because of the urgency with which it may be needed. It seeks to provide consumers with the latest information on current events, analyzed within a larger context and using advantage of secret information.

The best known of this current intelligence is the one practiced in the USA called the Presidents Daily Brief in which the authorities inform the USA president on the happenings throughout the world and especially in areas where the USA might be having vested interests. (Ratcliffe 2005 p. 484) Warning intelligence is of particular interest for policing and security intelligence. It provides indications and warning on threats to national security and it is traditionally an intelligence organizations highest priority on every day basis. The third type of intelligence product estimates assesses possible futures meaning it forewarns of what is likely to happen in the coming days.

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