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The life of moral excellence, according to Bible and the Church, is a call to a life in Christ, that is, a Christ-like life. as a result, the spirituality of the Christian is portrayed as a life in Christ, a life of obligation to him, and a complete surrender to his will. The belief is that one exists only to do everything for Christ’s sake, as Christ wants it and as Christ would do it.

The human destiny is not to attain spiritual union with the spirit of God, but rather to achieve moral and spiritual excellence by contribution to the divine perfect energies. Man, according to Christianity, was not created perfect from the start. Rather he was shaped by the possibility to achieve excellence through grace. This, of course, was not grasped because of the fall. God sent the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to become a man, and through his pain and restoration from the dead, restored man to his original state of grace and allowed him to attain perfection.

Spiritual growth is misinterpreted even within genuine conventional systems. They are an inferior level of perceptive, articulating a spiritual reality, and intentionally or not. It is mixing different levels of Understanding. It is wrong attributing to spiritual growth a corresponding material growth. When material and spiritual life is mixed and people assume that worldly life will become perfect if spiritual life becomes perfect. This is wishful thinking at best.

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