Essay: Problems of the Mining Industry

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Finally, the creation of this act allowed the natives to negotiate with the mining companies for leasing rights. The people in the industry however could not come to agreements. They saw the act as giving too much power to negotiate into the hands of the indigenous people. The conflicts between the industry and the native title holders grew numerous. The debate in the state about how such conflicts may be resolved also grew (Stephenson, 1995 p. 135-154).

The negotiations between the mining companies and the land owners came down to a snails pace. Eventually the state government had to step in to solve this problem. Despite their best efforts they could not reconcile the differences between the two parties. The main problem of the mining industry was that the prices asked for to negotiate the leasing of lands by the natives were considered excessive. They would not be able to lease out the lands for any reason except for pastoral reasons as mining simply would not be feasible. However, even the land which would be leased out would not be used for pasturing; rather it would become a tourist spot. They saw this as the only way to bring profitability from these lands. However, the ensuing environmental effects of such a program would have been highly problematic for the indigenous tribes living there. They would have to migrate from the area in order to avoid the environment which was being destroyed around them. Therefore, a stalemate was once again made. These difficulties would not be solved until the Wik decision was passed (Holmes, 1991 p. 41-59).

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