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Philip A. Mackowiak in his book, ‘Post Mortem: Solving History’s Great Medical Mysteries’, has discussed at great length the mysterious deaths of the past and how with the help of today’s science we can solve those mysteries which in other words is retrospective diagnosis; any illness of a historical figure identified after death using recent methodologies.

The author discusses at length twelve famous people, their historical setting and background, disease symptoms, myths, probable causes and syndromes associated with death and arriving at the best fit. The book serves to comprehend a vast knowledge of medical terms and is written in a simple yet engrossing way that a person not related to the field of medicine may appreciate it fully.

The book ultimately serves to guide us to at least consider, if not believe, and link other cases as a challenge to the past and present unidentified ailments. The concept of retrospective diagnosis is brought into light which is itself the application of modern methods, processes and techniques in order to recognize or resolve an unidentifiable case of disease or ailment of a historical figure after his/her death. The symptoms of the patient which are recorded as a matter of safe keeping of historical interests are focused and matched against a variety of present known diseases where the best match is approved of

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