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Sample Essay

The marketing management style that has been employed by the Hobbs retail company up till now has focused on attracting the masses through localized marketing and promotional appeals to the diverse range of customers in the retail market.

The company however needs to reform its strategy and appeal. . The company already offers a wide variety of products and services through its stores; however the company is facing limited sales in some of its stores, while others are facing low levels of foot traffic. The company needs change its marketing strategy in order to appeal to the different niches and segments that their customers fall into

The main marketing strategy of the company should be to overhaul the image and the brand persona of the store. The Hobbs brand needs to be updated to associate it with the classics in terms of Versace and Christian Dior while keep it trendy and down to earth as well like Banana Republic and Gap. The company should advertise to its mainstream market through the TV, radio and the print based advertisements.

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