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The Learning Tree, a novel by Gordon Parks’ was published in the year 1963. It is a criticism of Richard Wright’s Black Boy. 1963 was the year in which Martin Luther King gave his speech which is very well known as the ‘I Have a Dream’. In this year, there occurred civil rights movements in Birmingham in which the protestors were all blasted using fire hoses and were attacked by police dogs as well. This was all conducted on the orders of Eugene Bull Connor, the Commissioner of Public Safety.

Medgar Evers was murdered as well in the year 1963 along with a church bombing taking place in Birmingham (Brunner). It was in such a hostile environment that The Learning Tree was published. The novel has certainly had to deal with criticisms and accusations. There were allegations on it for obscenity which were put forward four times. This novel is written from the viewpoint of a black, young male who talks about the segregation which existed in America. Since the story is based on the experiences which the author went through, the novel has been given extensive social as well as literary merit.
The Moral Majority, a right wing Christian advocacy group put forward the very first challenge to this novel. The case was brought before a court in Washington. The lawsuit stated that…

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