Essay: Global Operations of Wal-Mart

Sample Essay

Wal-Mart has a sound global operations department which is propelling Wal-Mart to new heights in the international business arena. Due to increase in global operations the current assets of the company have seen an increase of $40,977 in 2004 from $34,421 in 2003 and thus the company has seen an increase in inventory, lease and long term debt.

However, the company has managed to increase the shareholder equity from $43,623 to $44,886 and the shareholder equity has risen from 19% to a consistent 21% over the years. Shareholders have increased in number from 324,000 to 335,000 and the return on assets has increased from 8% to 9% in 2004 (Exhibit 4) (Yoffie 08). The further increase in operations will see operational liabilities rise however the increase in sales and domestic stores and shareholders from all over the world will increase net operating profit as cost of sales go down as the company further expands. Also it can take advantage of tax concessions and benefits in some countries for a certain time period in order to promote consumer spending habits and help generate revenue.

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