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The breaker boys were sitting on the rough boards and were covered in black dust. They were doing their work in silence, using their small mallets to do their work. At the same time, they continue to collect whatever piles of slate they could get by their side. Amongst the breaker boys, Sean Flannery was one of them who wished to accompany his elder brother and his father in the mines.

Breaker boys were those boys who spent a lot of their time o the ground, pulling slate and rocks from the coal cars which continuously rushed by. In order to carry out this task, the boys had to sit on rough boards which hung above the coal chutes. When the coal carts would come up onto ground, boys were needed to open the door for the carts. These boys were known as trapper boys. It was quite often that workers either fell due to the carts or they were hit by them (Child labor). Throughout history, child labor has certainly had an impact on children and certainly not a positive one. Things have happened to children due to child labor due to which they have had to suffer later on in their lives. Society has however done a great deal to prevent child labor from occurring. The United States of America has taken such actions as to develop laws which prevents companies from underpaying their staff, particularly the younger employees. The laws also ensure that the people hired are not too young and the laws also ensure that the working environment is a safe and secure one. With the help of these laws and with the passage of time, America has been successful in reducing child labor and…

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