Essay: Artists of the Early Renaissance

Sample Essay

The ancient Greece and Rome thought that human body was very beautiful on the contrary in the Middle Ages there were very little interest in the human bodies.  The renaissance artists painted the human body more exactly and naturally as compared to earlier artists. Moreover, the artists painted the smaller objects into extra larger sizes by using the scientific knowledge of linear perspective. The paintings appeared very natural as if they were taken of the natural world. To bring naturalism the artists very tactfully used light and shadow in their paintings.

To make the art work more naturalistic the artists of the Early Renaissance used scientific tools such as linear angle, geometry and the study of anatomy. The people of renaissance period considered the artists as intellectuals and philosophers because their work was based on science and math. In contrast the people of middle ages considered artists as skilled craftsman. For example painters and the pharmacist were placed in the same category as both mix and grind things. The evident of new naturalism of fourteen century Northern Europe was depicted through renaissance paintings and sculptures. The expression of naturalism was first found in the art work of French painter Jean Pucelle.

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