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This paper is an overview of the Emergency contraceptive pills. It details the working and the significance of the pill, which has become very important, as it leads to a reduction in the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Moreover, according to the findings, it has been established to be relatively safe with no major repercussions for the woman taking it. The paper also discusses the need to find a better way of making it easily accessible to patients and the ways that it can be done. Although this approach is very popular in Europe and other countries, however, it has now come into focus in the United States. The significance of the drug cannot be undermined and there is a need to make people more aware of the drug to avoid abortion and unwanted pregnancies.


Emergency contraception has been accessible for more than 25 years and could avert 1.7 million accidental pregnancies and 800,000 abortions each year in the U.S. It is a harmless and efficient method of contraception and women who have used it reveal high levels of satisfaction. (Ellerston 44)

In spite of its vast prospects, pro-life groups contest the use of emergency contraception. In order to obstruct women’s access to this significant method of birth control, they incorrectly maintain that emergency contraception is an act of abortion, and they distribute other propaganda about its safety and effectiveness. Luckily, public knowledge and accessibility of emergency contraception have improved, and expectantly more women will benefit from this significant support birth control method in the future.

Emergency contraception has been mislabeled and has become widely known as “the morning after pill.” This is an unfortunate term. Many people believe that women have only a small period of time to take the drug:

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