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As man evolved over centuries, his views of the art also transformed. Art has shown the drastic changes in different cultures’ art. Each culture and era presents very distinct characteristics and attitudes of specific cultures.

Egyptians art is the most ancient art which makes a large impact on the world of art. Egyptians basically used art for representation of their religious beliefs instead of presenting it as a piece of decoration or pleasure-seeking. The source and function of art in Ancient Egypt were essentially religious. Art was mainly a magic tool. Sculptures of the Pharaohs and divinities in temples preserved the spiritual power for people. The Egyptian word for sculptor was one who gives life“.

The most significant aspect of Egyptian life is the ka, the part of the human spirit that lives on after death. The ka needed a physical place to occupy or it would disappear. Most of the important men of Egypt paid to have their body carved out of stone. That where the spirit would live after the man dies. They used stone because it was the strongest material they could find. Longevity was very important. The bodies are always idealized and clothed. Figures are very rigid, close-fisted, and are built on a vertical axis to show that the person is grand or intimidating. Most of the figures were seen in the same: profile of the legs, frontal view of the torso, and profile of the head. Like most civilizations,

Egyptians put a lot of faith in gods. The sky god Hours, a bird, is found in a great amount of Egyptian art. Little recognition was ever given to the artists. The emphasis was on the patron.

Sculptures of the god of artists and of creation in general, Ptah, are frequently shown standing on a pedestal which depicts the hieroglyph of the goddess of cosmic and earthly order, called Maat.

Initially, Greek art was very much influenced by the Egyptians. Geography hypermeter both cultures to exchange their talents. The start of Greek art is notified by the Geometric phase. The most familiar art during the Geometric phase was vase painting that was decorated by human paintings. Therefore like Egyptian art, the Greeks started to use human images in their works.

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