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There are many people who think that having the profession of a teacher is easy. The people in society are of the opinion that any individual can become a teacher if he/she likes. However, experience has proven that not everybody has the ability or capability of becoming a teacher. In order to be a good and effective teacher, there are certain traits and qualities which should be present within the individual. The role which the teacher plays in a student’s life is extremely important and it helps in the student moving toward gaining more general knowledge and getting better and higher education. If a teacher is effective in his/her teaching, he/she may even be able to shape the lives of the younger children whom they teach. Teachers are well informed and educated in their subject and are very organized in their dealing with their students. They show great amounts of enthusiasm and care.

When a teacher plans to teach a particular subject, they know the content of that subject very well and have in-depth information on it. A teacher who is well informed about the subject will be able to clearly present the content and even catch on to any difficulty which a student may be facing (Woolfolk). These types of teachers are well prepared to answer any question which students may have and due to their knowledge, they will be able to provide a better, solid answer rather than giving an answer which may be vague and general. The less vague a teacher is and the better answer he/she gives, the more a student is able to learn. Due to this, it is important for…

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