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  1. Is matching a methodology to a question or hypothesis critical? Why or why not? (2 Paragraphs)

Before starting your project, it is important to decide whether you will be using qualitative methods, quantitative methods, or a combination of the two.  Much of the decision as to what you can use depends upon the nature of your topic. Qualitative methods are often recommended in the following situation: new product development, investigating current or potential product/service/brand positioning and marketing strategy; identifying new uses for current products; identifying strengths and weaknesses;  Developing or evaluating advertising or public relations campaigns, other types of marketing communications, graphic identity/branding, package design, and so on; Probing opinions of current societal or public affairs issues; Assessing the usability of websites or other interactive products or services; Understanding peoples’ perceptions of a company, brand, category or product idea; Pre-quantitative survey — developing hypotheses to be covered in structured questionnaires, in the respondent’s language; Post-quantitative survey — in-depth exploration and interpretation of quantitative findings. (“When to use Qualitative Research,” n.d.)

In the abovementioned instances, you will be relying heavily on qualitative methods. For example, you may begin with a thorough search of the literature for potential theoretical models. If no suitable models can be found, the usual approach in the exploratory case study is to examine the object alternately from different vantage points, in the hope that the alternation would help you to discover why the object has acquired its present status. In a comparative study, your objects are specimens or cases which are similar in some respects (otherwise, it would not be meaningful to compare them) but they differ in some respects. These differences become the focus of examination. The goal is to find out why the cases are different: to reveal the general underlying structure which allows and generates such a variation.

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