Economism, Efficiency and the Moral Ecology of Good Nursing

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Economism, Efficiency and the Moral Ecology of Good Nursing Practice is an inquiry into the ethical problems faced by the nursing profession the face of increasing free-market Rhetoric. Weiss et al. (2002) start off by asserting that the nature of Healthcare industry is changing dramatically and it is becoming more and more like any other consumer item which will sell depending on what is being offered at what price. Weiss et al. (2002) try to prove that in fact the nursing profession is being harmed by the economist outlook as the ecology of good practice is disrupted and nurses find it difficult to meet even the minimum set standards.

Although the supporters of free market models claim that these models are ideal to fight the rising costs of healthcare. However other research shows that these models are highly controversial as there is a conflict of interests and the relationships between healthcare providers and patients suffer. However, all the research has been done without taking into account the important role of Nurses as healthcare providers. The role of nurses cannot be denied because they act as a liaison between patients and doctors and they spend a great deal more time to communicate with patients than any other healthcare professionals.

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