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Most people in society are aware of the fact that domestic violence is very much a serious crime. It is one which not only physically hurts a person; it harms them emotionally, mentally and psychologically as well. Men are usually the perpetrators of domestic violence, however, there are instances in which women are responsible for carrying it out.

Domestic violence does not occur only in certain classes or race as many people tend to think. It occurs across all types of race, class, ethnicity and economic status. There are many reasons as to why a person may carry out domestic violence against the people he/she loves but despite the reason for it, domestic violence should not be carried out as it is extremely harmful and can leave a person scarred for life.

Since domestic violence is becoming more and more common, people need to be aware of ways to reduce it. There are many ways in which domestic violence can be reduced if not stopped altogether. Some of the basic ways will be discussed in this essay.

The most basic way of reducing domestic violence is by educating people about it. Whenever people are aware of things and are able to understand the positive and negatives of it, they tend to act in a more sensible manner. For e.g. if a person is aware that domestic violence is harmful to the victim and can hurt them for life, the likelihood of that person committing domestic violence him/herself is reduced. Teaching and educating….

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