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There are all sorts of violence which exists in our society. Not everyone is a victim of it but those who are suffering a lot and mostly they suffer alone. One of the worst kinds of violence which exist in many societies today is that of domestic violence. Domestic violence is basically when a partner is abusive in the relationship. It is typically the man in a heterosexual relationship who is abusive toward his female partner either emotionally, physically, mentally or even sexually however it can be a woman who carries out violence against the man as well though this is very rare.

Violence against a spouse or loved one is usually carried out as a way of exerting control and dominance. It is a way through which a partner feels that he is superior and in position. Domestic violence does not only take place in heterosexual relationships; it can take place in a homosexual relationship as well. It does not matter whether both partners are married, dating, cohabiting or are in a serious relationship; domestic violence and abuse can occur in any form of relationship which exists in society.

There are many forms which the domestic violence can take. Physical violence is one type of violence which is carried out. Physical violence includes beating a partner, slapping them, pushing, punching and maybe even choking. Physical damage is not only done to a person; it can be done by damaging property as well. Partners tend to throw things at one another and possessions are usually destroyed in this manner. This too is a form of physical violence which takes place in many of the relationships which exist today.

Physical domestic violence consists of one partner may be holding the other partner against their will. This may involve locking them in a room, preventing others from visiting them and even stopping them from going out of the house. This is also considered to be against…

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