Divorce and its Effect on Female Offspring

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With no father in their everyday lives, children have a lack of influence from a male, leading to a void in their growth as people. Male children, often lack the basic structures of the interface between men and women, and therefore, have no role as a basis of shaping life regarding his sex. The effects on females are greater in view of the impact it has on self-perception. At the time of the marital separation, when a father leaves the family home and becomes increasingly less involved with his children over the ensuing years, it appears that young girls feel the emotional loss of father’s selfishness as a refusal of them. Here her father experiences the continued lack of involvement as an ongoing denial. Many girls attribute this rejection to their not being pretty enough, loving enough, athletic enough, or smart enough to please father and engage him in regular, frequent contacts. Growing up is hard enough with the addition of a negative self-image it can be critical.

Young girls with low self-esteem will more often seek false accomplishment through destructive relationships. Sexual promiscuity is another form of actions that seem to be prompted by the experience of divorce. Children of divorce enter adolescence susceptible and starving because they have not customary the care and gratification they needed in earlier years. Girls, in particular, are likely to become sexually active as early adolescents. As the divorce rate has increased, so has the teenage pregnancy rate. The lack of a serious role in the life of children, such as the father, leads to various injurious effects. As a result, they go into the world lacking the necessary knowledge and influence provided by positive father figures.

Both mother and father provide a separate bearing on children’s lives, but jointly their interactions provide the critical structure of how a relationship should function. Without this model of respect and love between parents, children find it harder to establish lasting and functional relationships. Women, more than men show the effect that lack of supervision causes in later relationships. They feel they are not commendable of a man who treats them with respect and often relates themselves with men who abuse them.

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