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Something which is a source of great concern especially amongst parents is the nutrition and diet of their child. One of the most difficult jobs in the world is to be a parent out of which making a child eat is the most difficult task. A majority of the parents believe that as long as their child is eating, everything is okay. Parents however having the wrong approach towards food can cause their children to have mixed ideas about it as well which could cause problems for them later in life. Parents are the one’s who are solely responsible for what their child eats and for their eating habits.

It is today’s children who are the most susceptible to any form of propaganda. They have started to eat an increased amount of lollipops, sweets and forms of refined carbohydrates (Mount). In order to understand what children eat these days, the best thing to do would be to watch the cartoons aired on every Saturday morning. It is through advertisements of products shown with bright colors and toys which are targeted toward children. Sugary cereals and cookies are all directed toward children and it is through these commercials do they decide the type of food which they wish to eat. When going shopping with their parents, they remember the products seen in the TV commercials and hence buy the same ones. The toys and characters are a…

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