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There is no set definition and no one has been able to agree on a definition of religion (Eileen Barker). However, in order for the study of religion to be conducted, a definition is very much needed. It is a definition which gives students a restriction within which they must work. The field of study of religion is very vast. Due to this, people incorrectly think of various things as religion. Some people even believe sports to be a form of religion although this is not particularly true.

The definition of religion includes a God or a holy being such as in the religion of Islam and Christianity. Other religions such as Buddhism and Shinto do not contain a God. If a general definition of religion is taken into consideration, special symbols, rituals, musical and artistic styles, special and/or sacred texts, behavioral and moral codes would all have to be considered. In order for followers of a particular religion to meet up, there are places and days which have been designated for these worshippers to meet. The belief system contained in most religions constitutes of progressing spiritually and maybe even being promised an afterlife. There are many special and holy days of the year which may be celebrated by the followers of a particular religion. A proper and clear-cut definition…

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