Dangers Related to an Eating Disorder Essay

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Everything in this world has consequences. Whether it is a particular behavior, an illness, improper eating habits; everything will have a reaction to it which may not always be positive. Surrounding this topic, eating disorder is an illness related to improper eating habits which can result in serious consequences. Many people are unaware of the dangers related to an eating disorder. Some of these dangers are mentioned in this essay.

-Malnutrition: this is caused by either overeating or under eating. Malnutrition refers to the body not having the proper nutrition-proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins etc which it requires. Without having the proper nutrition in the body, a person can suffer from serious diseases such as kidney failure, infections in the lungs, heart attacks, blindness and maybe even death.

-Dehydration: this is another problem which may result in a person who has an eating disorder. Dehydration results from a lack of fluids in the body. Due to dehydration symptoms such as dizziness, darkened urine and weakness may result. This too can have severe consequence such as brain damage, kidney and heart failure and maybe even death if not taken care of.


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