Every organization has a certain way in which it handles how everything in the firm takes place. This is known as its culture. Every firm has its own distinctive culture which makes it different from the rest of the firms. Cultures of a firm are more generally known as how people from that particular firm see and do things.

Every organization over a period of time is able to build its own culture which gives the workers a sense of who they are and what goal they are working toward. Even though every firm’s goal is to be successful and to be better than the rest, there is something which sets them apart and this is known as their organizational culture. The culture of an organization in more simple terms- is known as the identity which it possesses. Not only does it describe the firm’s identity, it also displays what their beliefs are, what norms and values they follow, what their rituals are and other such related things.

As time progresses, a firm is able to learn from its past mistakes in order to make its current way of working better. The values from the past are then integrated with the present values in order to ensure the success of a business.

If you have ever joined an organization for any job, you must be aware that the first thing which you are told is how that specific firm was founded and by whom. You are then required to accept the values on which the firm was established as those constitute the culture of that particular firm. The one department which has to ensure that the workers abide by the culture and beliefs of the organization is the HRM department.

Since it is always the task of the HRM department to recruit those workers who are capable of doing the tasks which the firm intends them to do, they have to keep in mind the cultures of the firm. Sometimes it is due to a certain culture that workers are not accepted into a firm as maybe the HRM department feels they might not be able to cope up.

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