Criminology Essay: The John E Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation

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The Reid Process of Interviewing criminal suspects were formed by John Reid and Associates a private practice. John Reid learned the polygraph technique from Fred Inbau, who was the director of the Chicago Police Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory, at that time polygraph technique characterized a rather primitive procedure which depended extensively on interrogation techniques. Reid and his associates created a more controlled interviewing plan that allowed assessment of a person’s honesty, which was independent of a polygraph test. This system was called a Behavior Analysis Interview,  and this has become a typical investigative method, principally since the passing of the Federal Employee Polygraph Act of 1988, which significantly limits a private person’s use of the polygraph.

John Reid was a very flourishing interrogator. A great deal of his achievement must be credited to Fred Inbau, who was influential in creating an ordered method to the questioning process constructed on sound psychological principles. Inbau and Reid developed a planned approach to the interrogation process using the accepted psychological methods that did not rely on force or pressure tactics to obtain the truth.

The Reid Process involves three major steps: (Gilkey, 2005)

  • Behavior Symptom Analysis or Factual Analysis: In this step, investigators analyze the verbal and non-verbal behavioral characteristics that distinguish a truthful person from one who is withholding or fabricating relevant information.

The Behavior Analysis Interview (BAI): An interview is structured to………

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