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“Crime is a means by which people who believe in the American dream pursue it when they find traditional routes barred” (Reiman, 1995) Reiman believes that poverty and monetary deprivation are associated with crime and those living in poverty have poor health. In his opinion poverty is existent in American society which is quite affluent, because the majority of the people allow it to exist (Reiman 1995:86). He compares poverty to crime and believes that a society which doesn’t fight poverty is involved in crime (Reiman 1995:89).

An example of the unfairness of the American culture and its values is the way that the justice system tries to spare the more affluent middle and upper classes and how eventually it is the poor and the depraved who end up in an American prison.  To Reiman (1995) racism is also a feature or an offshoot of the economic and social bias, which indicate that those at the very bottom strata of the society are very similar and the bias is also quite the same.  In the majority of the instances poor tend to be arrested more than other and if arrested they are more likely to be charged and if charged then most of the time they are found guilty and find themselves in prisons and serve longer terms then other people (Reiman 1995).

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