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As I move my hand over the grainy wall I finally get hold of the bell, which I press hard, a shrill sound emerges and I hear footsteps getting louder. Finally the door— which from the sound of it seems quite heavy creaks open. “Hello Sylvia” that’s Matt, my brother as he holds my hand warmly and I feel him closing in so I turn up my cheek for a kiss.

I have my dog Duke with me as he sniffs and leads me forward. He stops and I reach out feeling a wooden chair. That was easy I think, I am always nervous, especially when I am invited to cocktail parties or dinner parties, however, I have been making an effort so that it is not that difficult each time. As I sit down I feel a hand brushing against my arm, I know who this is, Janice—I imagine her all wrinkly as her hands are very wrinkled at a ripe old age of 80 she is always out to have a nice time. She gives me her hand as we sit down for a nice gossip session. Janice has soft warm hands and her shoulders and arms feel soft too, and voice all say that there will be a bright smile on her face.

As we sit and chat I hear some soft music emanating from the other room. Although there are other people I imagine but their voices are not very loud—rather very subdued. I am doing two things simultaneously. First I am trying to keep up with the family gossip and second, my ears are perked up, as I have not heard the rumpus of my three nephews.

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