Coping with Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Teen intervention is another way that teens can cope with pregnancy. Such interventions include an education component, during which peer counselors give the teens information about existing resources. Teen parents are generally very receptive to this information, in part because someone close to their own age presents it. The peer advocates attend childbirth classes, help parents open bank accounts, and help them consider education options. Results from such programs demonstrate that teen intervention works and helps teen parents cope with the pregnancy. Before such programs, the young parents are often withdrawn and very negative about their situations. However, after they begin such teen invention programs, they are very positive about trying to do the best thing both for themselves and their unborn child. In this case, the teen intervention will be good for the fourteen-year-old girl.

Indirect: Indirect intervention methods can also help. These might include trying to get her to come up with answers by herself, which would empower her and give her a sense of pride and hope that she can make it through this difficult time. She may also well be more receptive to solutions that she has developed herself and not feel the standard teenager urge to rebel against them.

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