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Contrary to the myth that marital rape is an insignificant event—one that causes no trauma, Raquel Kennedy Bergen, Ph.D. writes that victims often experience severe and long-lasting consequences. Physical consequences include injuries to the vaginal and anal areas as well as lacerations, soreness, bruising, torn muscles, fatigue, and vomiting. Women who are victims of battered rape may also suffer from broken bones, black eyes, bloody noses and even knife wounds. The study conducted by Campbell and Alford in 1989 finds that half of marital rape victims are kicked, hit or burned during the sexual act.

Researchers often compare the psychological effects of marital rape to the effects of other types of violence and they are intense. The reason is that marital rape is a violation of trust—a person whom the woman loved and trusted has raped her. The consequences of this type of violation manifest themselves in the form of anxiety, shock, intense fear, depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (Bergen, Wife Rape). Compared to a stranger and casual-acquaintance rape, women who experience marital rape are more likely to experience anger and depression (Koss).

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