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This paper discusses the article, “Child group psychotherapy in the school” taken from Journal of counseling & development. This article gives details of current studies in group psychotherapy in children, including intervention groups, counseling it gives some details about the results and quantitative analysis of the research being carried out in these fields.

The paper takes into consideration that at present more and more children are in need of group psychotherapy to overcome their problems, ranging from mild to severe. It underlines the different types of groups, which are being practiced, guidance/ educational, and counseling/ interpersonal problem solving and psychotherapy/ personality reconstruction. According to the author, it is not important to state that group therapy is important what is important is that, which specific therapy is more effective. Guidance/ educational therapy is conducted in a classroom environment and the target is normal children this is used to enhance performance in the classroom and improve peer relationship. Counseling/ interpersonal problem solving is done with children with developmental problems and working in small groups the counseling is done to building confidence. Therapy groups are offered for children with severe behavioral and adjustment problems.

This article states that the there is very little data and research on actual group therapy for children and adolescents. Recent research shows that children do respond to proper therapy and open up quite easily with high levels of self-disclosures and cathartic experiences. With catharsis comes interpersonal learning and social skills learning. Research has shown that children do respond to this type of therapy rather than on individual basis. Moreover, the need for schools to incorporate these groups so the children can take help from them. The idea is not to classify or label children but to have a mix of normal as well as children with behavioral problems.

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