All You Need to know about Chicago Citation Format

This style of writing is also known as Turabian. This format is very useful for those who prefer to write about history because it does not only consist of author’s name like APA and MLA styles. It consists of more detailed citations. It mainly consists of the source of the information such as newspaper and a book written in the 18th century.


In Chicago writing style you can have a range of sources from newspapers to books.

Title Page

In Chicago Style format you don’t need to include a title page if your essay is not more than five pages long. All the basic details of a title page such as student’s name, professor’s name, course title and the date of submission are all written on the left side before the heading of the essay. When you are writing an article or an essay containing more than five pages you must include a title page with the heading of the essay in the middle followed by your name, instructor’s name and the date. The title page should not consist of the header or the page number. The header should start from the next page with the page number.

Footnotes and Endnotes

This writing style consists of footnotes and endnotes. The difference between a footnote and an endnote is that the footnotes always appear at the bottom of a page while an end note always appears at the end of a chapter. It is more convenient to mention everything at the end rather than citing each and every single paragraph and line.


You must contain bibliography at the end of your work and it should be very detailed. It consists of all the sources in detail rather than just the name of the author.  It is written on a new page with the title bibliography in the middle. It consists of all the sources of information.

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