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The internet is a network which allows vast amounts of information to be made available and accessible. All the information which the internet has to offer can be accessed with the use of a computer. By clicking a mouse, people can have accesses to millions of websites which are filled with every sort of information possible; be it educational information, recreational information or that which may be related to any other websites. This interconnection is what makes up the great World Wide Web (www). The World Wide Web and the internet, however, are not regulated in any form (Carnegie Library). The web can be accessed by people all over the world. People of different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds all come together with the help of this network which helps in creating one body of the unit. A person can certainly say that the World Wide Web is a small world. It is sad to see the number of concerns which are coming up for users and for minors in particular. Amongst the concerns which exist regarding the internet, child pornography is a major problem. This type of material is not only harmful to children but it can cause negative impacts on their minds as well. Pornography is a way by which the foundations of our society are being torn apart and society itself is disintegrating and…

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