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We should not be concerned with whether or not the population of America today would believe that capital punishment is a cruel act which should not be carried out. The question is whether they would be aware of all the information regarding it and then believe it to be cruel (Justice Thurgood Marshall).

Think if a man who had committed murder, after going to prison would kill someone again once he was freed. He would then again be put in prison and be released after he has served his time. This is very much happening as the criminals put on death charge are mostly those who have been given second chances only to have committed criminal acts again. The criminals are given a chance to recover and change however they commit the same criminal acts again which is why many are put on the death row. The question which is then raised is whether the government of America should allow criminals to be freed as this usually gives way to more criminal acts to be carried out.

Capital punishment is a form of punishment which has existed for many centuries. Many societies and cultures believed capital punishment was a fair and best form of punishment for criminal acts. Even the Bible suggests capital punishment as an appropriate form of punishment. The death penalty was used even before America became a country and is still used in many states. The subject of capital, however, revolves around much controversy and whether or not it is actually a way…

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