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Odysseus’ true son stood up, drew on his tunic and his mantle, slung on a sword-belt and a new-edged sword, tied his smooth feet into good rawhide sandals, and left his room, a god’s brilliance upon him. (Homer II. 2-6)

The symbolism of the new edged sword and smooth feet show that although he is inexperienced however he is not only optimistic but happy about his new life and endeavors.

The resentment Telemachus felt against the suitors was though something comparatively new however it was the time that he realized his responsibilities (Olson 75). Telemachus did as Athena directed him to do. He called an assembly and told the suitors to leave the house, this is the coming of age when he performs his first duty as the man of the house, and consequently, he drew a line in his territory. Telemachus then moved forward and acquired a ship for his voyage. In both of his visits, Telemachus conducted himself as a stately man — courteous, and civil—very different from the initial boy. The text makes several allusions to Telemachus being sober, considerate, confident and very sure of himself. These descriptions of his thoughts indicate desirable adult male character, in other words, he is taking on the role of being the man, the leader in the family.

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