Basic Precepts from Philosophy: Essay

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When we ask ourselves what is knowledge, we are effectively asking what is our relationship with the world. As Solomon argues in Chapter 3, the desire to know and the desire to discover are essentially active, even aggressive actions taken on the part of consciousness to acquire pieces or aspects of the world. When we seek knowledge, we seek to take into our minds (and so to take into our bodies physically) something that exists in the world. We seek through knowledge to dismantle the world and so to come to possess it.

Jean-Paul Sartre argues for this model of knowledge, arguing that it is a sort of black hole, something that uses the primordial forces of cognition and reason to draw the world into the self. We construct ourselves out of bits of the real world; thus we cannot in any sense argue that knowledge and self-care different entities since we actively create who we are through our active acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge is the process of choosing which pieces of the world to incorporate. This knowledge is the process of making ourselves responsible for the world around us.

Knowledge is not merely a collection of facts. It is the active way in which we interact with the world around us. It is linked to our state of being.

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