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The article under review, “The Behavior of Parents of Children with Autism Predict the Subsequent development of their children’s communications.” By Michael Siller and Marian Sigman is an empirical study, which tries to find a link between the degree of attention given by caregivers and its positive effect on the child’s communication skills in later life.

The authors recruited 61 children. Of the 61 recruits, 25 children were autistic, (twenty were male and five females). There were 18 developmentally delayed children (eleven males and seven females), from the 18 9 suffered from Down syndrome and the other 9 had different problems. In addition, 18 children with typical development participated (fourteen males and four females).

From the 25 autistic children, they chose 18 (14 male and 4 female) to make a comparative group with other children. Autistic children had an average age of 54.2 months the developmentally delayed children had an average age of 46.1 months and typical children were 21.8months. Their mental ages were approximate, 26, 24 and 25 months respectively. Developmentally delayed and autistic children were similar in mental age and IQ.

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