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The three articles discusses in this analysis consider the issue of breast implants and their impact on the users. All three articles consider the issue from different viewpoints in addition; they present their own line of reasoning to prove their points.

Ethics Epidemiology and Law: the Case of Silicone Breast Implants by Ruth Macklin

The author in this case, leans towards the importance of science and epidemiology, and how the scientific evidence is usually ignored as in the case of breast implants, where the pharmaceutical company Dow had to pay 3.2 Billion dollars to the effected victims. The author though says time and again that there is a need to have a balance between protecting the rights of individuals and protecting the organization, where there is no sufficient epidemiological to link silicone implants to the symptoms found in the women. The evidence that the author gives, when she compares this case with the gulf war syndrome but then she shows that there are some major differences too which are evident. Though what she is trying to say is that with time new findings do keep on coming as in the case of uranium miners, therefore independent research panels are needed as in the case of National Since Panel. The author does provide evidence as in the case of Uranium miners, where the evidence became clearer much later, and in her opinion, it will be true for future cases of Breast Implants. In addition since the discussion is from the ethical side she gives examples, but these examples as in the case of Stein and Annas is pro epidemiological.

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