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Antwone Fisher, author of New York Times’ bestseller Finding Fish: a Memoir, and writer and producer of the blockbuster movie Antwone Fisher. Fisher was born in prison two months after his father was murdered and when his mother fails to collect him on her release from jail, he spends his childhood in various foster homes, including the torturous home presided over by the extremely religious teachers.

The real Antwone Fisher was born in prison prior to his father being murdered. Sadistic and abusive foster parents adopted him. The foster parents’ children ostracized and bullied Antwone. He suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a babysitter. Then he got into trouble himself and spent his later teen years in a reform school, a prison for juveniles. Of course, he did not finish high school. Taken together, these factors created valid reasons for Antwone to be angry at the world. And angry he was, though he managed to keep it bottled up inside him.

Antwone demonstrated resilient qualities by shunning a life of crime and violence that would have come so easily, especially after reform school. Instead, he joined the Navy. But an already angry young man found himself once again at the bottom of the pecking order. He did not like it when people treated him with disrespect, but he, like other enlisted men, got plenty of disrespect. Already suffering from self-doubt and shame about his past, he reacted with angry outbursts when his self-esteem was challenged.

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