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All my life I have aspired to help people.  In my current job at the pharmacy, I enjoy being able to do the many things that create a safe, clean, and pleasing environment for not only the customers, who are our main concern, also for my co-workers and I.  In my job as a pharmacist technician, there are many duties that must be carried out.  First and foremost, is to place my attention on the customer, whether they are calling on the telephone to ask questions, to order medication, or whatever else they may need, at the time, or when they come up to the counter in person.  It has been my pleasure to be friendly, accommodating, and helpful to each and every customer that I come in contact with, no matter what his or her concerns may be.  It does not matter if they happen to be a heavyset, heavy breathing African American woman who has lost most of her teeth, a mainly Spanish-speaking gentleman who speaks broken English and becomes frustrated easily, a white German woman with a heavy accent, or an elderly American who has trouble hearing.  I treat them all equally, with the same courteousness and compassion.  That is part of my job, a large part of it, whether I am working as a technician or a registered, licensed pharmacist.

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