Information System Case Study Analysis

The information system currently implemented in 7-Eleven played a significant role in attaining success for the firm. The store integrates an all-embracing technology infrastructure that includes a centralized computer to which ISDN, Electric Order System (EOS), Graphic Order Terminal (GOT) and POS register are connected. In addition, there are two registers placed in each store including the sub-register and the main register. These registers enclose special keys that can trace the items such as fast foods and drinks without the barcodes.
Moreover, keeping in mind the end goal to catch the information on client buys, 7-Eleven uses Point-of-Sales framework. This data is used for dissecting the business inclines alongside client inclinations. The information gathered through POS at each store is prepared by the store PC which additionally permits the store director to obtain the constant data.
The processed data is then sent to the HQ by means of an ISDN network where it is additionally processed and exchanged to the dispersion, producers, and wholesalers. In this way, the inventory network of 7-Eleven structures a continuous feedback circle. The bookkeeping framework that has been presently actualized in 7-Eleven is considered as the center business utilization of the organization. The organization in the course of recent years had presented a creative centralizing purchasing system as well as a conveyance display that had prompted significant results. For example, the product has dispensed with bookkeeping and managerial processes that were to a great degree monotonous from the establishments. The execution of this framework has likewise brought about expanded overall revenues and enlarged the buying limit of the business. In 7-eleven corporations, the ordering and sales process is carried out by the means of an electronic order system.
This system enables the management of the store to analyze the sales trends and levels of inventory simultaneously while placing the order. As illustrated in the figure below, the electric order system is connected to the store computer for transferring information. Furthermore, during the sales process, the ISDN transfers orders to HQ where they are processed as well as transferred to the wholesalers, distribution centers along with manufacturers


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