The Law of Attraction

This term paper examines the law of attraction as stated in the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.

1,500 Words (Approx. 6 pages), 5 Sources, APA, 2009.


This term paper defines the law of attraction and describes how it works in real life. According to the law of attraction human beings attract what they think. If they think positively than they attract positive things in their live while on the other hand if they think negatively they attract negative situations and things in life. The term paper further discusses the law of attraction with the reference of the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.

From the Term Paper

The law of attraction refers to the universal law which states that things and situations we attract in our lives is utterly determined by our thoughts (Desy, 2008). We attract what we want and we even attract what we do not want. Our thoughts are so powerful that we can attract the people, things at home and wealth, in our lives.If we limit thoughts and live in misery than we will always attract negative things in life. On the other hand, if we have a mindset where we believe that we can achieve the impossible than the sky is the limit for us…..

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ISIS Soldier Kills Own Mother

ISIS Soldier Kills Own Mother

The brainwashing of ISIS recruits and soldiers is so great that the closest relationships hold less value than being faithful to their self-styled caliph of the Muslim world. This shows the danger that this organization is posing for the world at large and for Muslim youth in particular. A soldier of the ISIS killed in his mother in public in a square in the Syrian city of Raqa because she begged him to leave the organization and flee with her to the safety of Turkey or any other place which was not under the control of ISIS and where they would be safe from the ravages of the ongoing conflict. (more…)

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Iran-Saudi Feud

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