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Modern War And Its Effects

Wars have been fought all through history and we know about their causes and results. Large-scale national wars between countries or nations are often fought now. Now a much stronger country like the US attacks a weaker country like Iraq.

Essay: Organizations against the Legalization of Euthanasia Practice

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Nevertheless, it is not everybody who is in agreement with the legalization of the practise of euthanasia. There are those who feel that the practise should not be allowed.

Essay: Seclusion of Blacks

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Due to the seclusion in many social events and leisure activities owing to the invincible color line, the African Americans joined hands to form their own events. Of particular note, is the Negro National league founded in 1918 in an attempt to include the minority population of the time[1].

Essay: Sarah Jessica Parker

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In the later 1990s for instance, Sarah Jessica Parker, a female lead actress in hit TV series Sex and The City rose to become a New York fashion icon. Ms Parker social status as New York most envied fashion guru followed her frequent features in New York Fashion Week as the most promising Manhattan socialite.