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ISIS Soldier Kills Own Mother

The brainwashing of ISIS recruits and soldiers is so great that the closest relationships hold less value than being faithful to their self-styled caliph of the Muslim world. This shows the danger that this organization is posing for the world at large and for Muslim youth in particular. A soldier of the ISIS killed in his mother in public in a square in the Syrian city of Raqa because she begged him to leave the organization and flee with her to the safety of Turkey or any other place which was not under the control of ISIS and where they would be safe from the ravages of the ongoing conflict.

Iraqi Freedom Evaluated Against The Just War Principals

Just cause is the first and foremost primary decisive factor for any country to wage war against another country. A country must have a reason that is morally acceptable and sound to attack another country. Without a morally justifiable reason a cause, the reason to go to war is highly controversial and unjustified. The reason should undergo through analysis at the highest level before making a decision to go to war. The intent must be kept within the confines of the just or moral cause. Legitimate authority is the law a nation uses to limit the number of governmental leaders who may authorize the use of force.

Iran-Saudi Feud

Intense diplomatic activities to maintain the fragile Syrian peace imitatively have intensified because of tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran in the Middle East.  The tensions were caused by the execution of a Shiite cleric by Saudi Arabia who alleged that the cleric was involved in terrorist activities and which prompted Iranian protesters to plunder and burn the Saudi Embassy in Tehran. This has obviously raised concerns that these bitter regional enemies who are supporting opposing sides in the civil war in Syria and other proxy wars in the region could endanger the UN-sponsored peace talks that are scheduled to restart in Geneva on January 25.

Modern War And Its Effects

Wars have been fought all through history and we know about their causes and results. Large-scale national wars between countries or nations are often fought now. Now a much stronger country like the US attacks a weaker country like Iraq.