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Essay: Disagreement from Religion

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However, apart from disagreeing with the religion and the beliefs of his people, he adored the rest of their practices such as marriage among others. In this regard, he was married to Sarai with whom they could not bear a child, since she was barren. It is through his strong believe that God decided to call him to be His servant.

Essay: Paul the Apostle

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Do you think Saul deserved to become Paul the Apostle?

Yes, I do.


Saul was a persecutor of Christians who encountered Christ on his way to Damascus to kill Christians. He was prayed for by Ananias to restore his sight and God commanded him to preach the gospel (Acts 9:1 -22). As an Apostle, he travelled widely, preaching the word all over the Roman Empire.

Essay: What is Christendom

Sample Essay (2008), Christendom refers to a situation where Christianity dominates or is a territorial phenomenon. It started during the period in which emperor Constantine was in power.

Essay: Did Christianity do anything for the Roman Empire

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According to (n.d), the church gained enormous power and influence during the reign of Constantine I. first, the mode of worship in the Empire changed since the former religions were put down.