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Injury Related Amnesia

Traumatic brain injury, resulting in amnesia happens when the head violently and without warning is slammed against any object, and when an object penetrates the head and damages brain tissue. Depending on the damage inflicted on the skull, symptoms of TBI can be extensive, placed or modest. The injured person can lose conscious for a few minutes or seconds, or may even remain conscious. Symptoms include bewilderment, wooziness, giddiness and hazy vision. In severe or even mild concussion the patient may experience ringing in the ears, bitter taste in the mouth, weariness, stupor and could experience a change in sleep habits, changes in behavior and moods, headaches, repeated vomiting and nausea, inaudible speech, numbness, persistent sleepiness and confusion, agitation and restlessness.

Essay: The Causes of Depression

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The causes of depression are many and varied, and include a chemical imbalance in the brain (, 2010). The above chemicals help the brain cells to communicate, and a lack of them means that one is mired in sadness and moodiness. In addition, illnesses such as hypothyroidism and Alzheimer’s disease cause depression.

Essay: Freud’s Psychoanalytic theory

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In conclusion, Freud’s Psychoanalytic theory focuses on the conscious and the unconscious mind, bringing out the conflict between the two. He argues that a balance can be restored by reconciling the two by bringing the unconscious to the conscious so that an individual can tackle it effectively.

Essay: Progression of Alzheimer’s

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As this disease progresses, issues in theoretical thinking and additional rational functions increase. The individual might start to have difficulty with numbers when calculating bills, have difficulty understanding while reading, or with categorizing the days work. Additional conflicts in actions and appearance might also be somewhat evident at this point, such as anxiety, petulance, confrontational, and the loss of the  ability to dress properly.