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Knowledge Management in Saudi Arabia

The economy of Saudi Arabia is based on its oil exports because it is the leading producer and exporter of crude oil and other petroleum products. Oil exports constitute 90% of the country’s exports and around 75% of public sector revenues. Knowledge management and sharing are obviously concerned with the improvement and dissemination of expertise in the oil production and export sector.   The Saudi Public Sector recognizes the fact that for its continued growth, expansion, and progression the implementation of “Knowledge Management” is essential. Employees working in the private sector are better paid than those working in the public sector. This means that public sector employees will either resign to work for private organizations or take early retirement.

Kibbutzim: Example of a Socialist Economic System

A very good example of the social economic system is the “Kibbutz” system in Israel which stands out as the most successful participatory system that has been tried to date. The Kibbutz is a collective community in Israel that had its inception in collective agriculture in 1909 prior to the formation of Israel. Currently, besides agriculture, the kibbutz system has spread to another form of economic activities predominantly high tech enterprises and industrial enterprises. Because Kibbutzim is derived from socialist philosophy it is in contrast to the ideals of capitalism. This is a voluntary collective community in which a single person does not own the kibbutz or any income derived from its activities.

Interactive industry for data and email solutions

Strategic customers are reached cost-effectively with Online Marketing. This is basically an integrated product providing collaborated e-mail and web marketing that provides a beneficial function for consolidating current communication and future prospects. This, in fact, is a progressive Interactive industry for data and email solutions. This mode of the Interactive industry for data and email solutions enables you to increase customer retention, conversion rates and Marketing Return on Investment because it plans currently shared campaigns that will promote your company to obtain, prosper and keep customers satisfied. Differing from traditional e-mail marketing solutions, Online Marketing offers adjustable data models, open designing, built-in analytics, and unmatched industrial usability with communication and marketing tools, that help you to design and implement pre-planned operations with your customers.