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Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act

Before the passage of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act (42 U.S.C. 5601 et. seq.) in 1974, separate programs were implemented to make sure the needs of the juvenile female offender were considered, However, after the passing of the JJDP Act, specific policies began to affect the way the juvenile court approached and processed this population. At first, the effects were not specific. In recent years, however, in combination with Federal programs, Congress has taken more steps to make sure this population is represented appropriately. Hardly any attention has been paid to females who commit crime and misbehavior because it has been considered mainly as the activities of boys.

Laws Governing Modern Insurance Practices

The contemporary Laws Governing Modern Insurance Practices began in 1601 and were connected to the law merchants in England. They required a separate and extraordinary chamber of guarantees or assurance that was distinct from other Courts was established by Lord Mansfield, who was the Lord Chief Justice in the middle of the eighteenth century initiated marine insurance with the combination of law merchant and ordinary law principles. This was also the beginning of Lloyd’s of London, which was started in competition with other insurance companies, and developed the most basic level of organizational structure in a complex body or system.

Essay: Torture a Necessary Evil

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When it comes to saving lives as asserted by Greenberg (2006, p.106) it becomes crucial for law enforcers to think the unthinkable. In most instances, individuals are always against torture but when face with realities like the ones encountered when dealing with terrorists, their mindset is inclined to change. It is in this consideration that Miranda rights need not be read to domestic terrorists as they serve no purpose.

Essay: Correction Programs and Facilities in Texas

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Though thеre іs nоt а detentiоn facilіty оr cоrrectiоnal program designеd strictly fоr gаng membеrs іn Texаs, thеre аre detentiоn facilіties аnd cоrrectiоnal programs fоr youths tо avoid іnvolvement wіth gаng activіties wіthіn thе system. Оne cоrrectiоns program іn thе Texаs Youth Commіssiоn (ТYC) іs thе Educаtiоnal Program. Іt operаted yеar round fоr іncarcerаted youth from thе agе 10 tо thе age оf 21. (Grаnt, 2005, p98)