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Joining Forces To Combat Terrorism

The entire world needs to join together to fight terrorism. All the countries that are currently affected by terrorism ought to join together to fight this menace that countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Emirates have funded to create. The major purpose of Saudi Arabia was to implement their version of Islam by any means. They initially funded Al-Qaeda when it supported the rebellion against the government in Syria to establish their influence in that country and to negate the influence of Iran and Russia. The war in Syria and Iraq gave rise to ISIS which now threatens to take over the Middle East and other Muslim countries in the region.  

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian peace process has continued over the years in spite of the continuous hostilities which have dominated the process since the beginning of the dispute.  Since the 1970s there have been corresponding efforts carried out to find conditions upon which peace can be agreed to in both the Arab–Israeli conflict and in the Palestinian–Israeli conflict. Some Arab countries have signed separate peace treaties, like the Egypt–Israel (1979) and Jordan–Israel(1994) treaties, but the Israelis and Palestinians some have not yet found a common starting point to do so. During the mid-1970s the term peace process became popular to describe the American-led efforts to bring about a negotiated peace between Israel and its neighbors.

ISIS Soldier Kills Own Mother

The brainwashing of ISIS recruits and soldiers is so great that the closest relationships hold less value than being faithful to their self-styled caliph of the Muslim world. This shows the danger that this organization is posing for the world at large and for Muslim youth in particular. A soldier of the ISIS killed in his mother in public in a square in the Syrian city of Raqa because she begged him to leave the organization and flee with her to the safety of Turkey or any other place which was not under the control of ISIS and where they would be safe from the ravages of the ongoing conflict.

Iraqi Freedom Evaluated Against The Just War Principals

Just cause is the first and foremost primary decisive factor for any country to wage war against another country. A country must have a reason that is morally acceptable and sound to attack another country. Without a morally justifiable reason a cause, the reason to go to war is highly controversial and unjustified. The reason should undergo through analysis at the highest level before making a decision to go to war. The intent must be kept within the confines of the just or moral cause. Legitimate authority is the law a nation uses to limit the number of governmental leaders who may authorize the use of force.