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Shelly as a Revolutionary Poet

Revolution is a dominant spirit in almost all the Romantic Poets. Percy Bysshe Shelley, a Romantic poet, is also called rebel for his idea of revolution in his poetry. He was one of the major English Romantic poets, and was regarded by some as the finest lyric, as well as epic, poet in the English language. HE was born in 4 August 1792 in Horsham, England. As the French Revolution dominated all politics in those years, unlike Wordsworth and Coleridge, Shelly never appalled by the ideals of revolution, though he was appalled by the dictatorship of Napoleon. Shelley only experienced the revolution at second hand through the books of various writers. When he looked back, all he could see was the flame of revolution still flickering in spite of the terror and disease.

Modern War And Its Effects

Wars have been fought all through history and we know about their causes and results. Large-scale national wars between countries or nations are often fought now. Now a much stronger country like the US attacks a weaker country like Iraq.

Essay: The Affluent People Lived in Great Houses

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Most of the affluent people lived in the great houses which contained many rooms and several courtyards for use. These houses had their own private wells. Most of the rooms had fireplaces for heating during winter. Every house had two kitchens; an indoor one for use during winter and an outdoor one for use during the hot summer. The outdoor kitchen was also to avoid filling up the house with smoke from the shrub and cow dung used as fuel (Possehl, 2000).

Essay: The Harappan Phase

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Period 3C of the Harappan phase had evidence of circular working platforms. 17 of these were discovered to the south of the great granary by Vats and in 1946, archeologist Wheeler identified the 18th platform.