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Maintaining Medical Records

Maintaining Medical Records requires the appropriate software and is essential both for the patients and physicians. This is the reason hospitals use software that ensures “one patient, one record” approach which helps physicians hospitals and individuals. Millions of patients can easily access their records via the internet and this is the same chart used by their doctors. This software is used by patients to schedule appointments, obtain test results and also print growth charts. Such software’s are self-supporting individual health record and makes the record perfect with the capacity of being used or operated reciprocally according to needs and requirements.

Inputs and Outputs for Electronic Medical Records

An electronic medical record is used for every service that a patient receives from auxiliary departments such as pharmacy, laboratory or radiology which is generated from the administrative department. Some systems also permit detention of other signals such as nursing notes, physicians orders etc. Mostly these signals are not combined. They are captured and stored in silo systems, which have separate patient identification systems and their own private log-ins. Silo vendors maintain their own versions and standards of vocabularies, user, and patient identification, and these silos cannot be centrally accessed. Some who needs access to a patient’s medical records would have to use many applications, then log in and finally find the patient’s records.

Injury Related Amnesia

Traumatic brain injury, resulting in amnesia happens when the head violently and without warning is slammed against any object, and when an object penetrates the head and damages brain tissue. Depending on the damage inflicted on the skull, symptoms of TBI can be extensive, placed or modest. The injured person can lose conscious for a few minutes or seconds, or may even remain conscious. Symptoms include bewilderment, wooziness, giddiness and hazy vision. In severe or even mild concussion the patient may experience ringing in the ears, bitter taste in the mouth, weariness, stupor and could experience a change in sleep habits, changes in behavior and moods, headaches, repeated vomiting and nausea, inaudible speech, numbness, persistent sleepiness and confusion, agitation and restlessness.

Essay: Vitamin E is a Proven Antioxidant

Sample Essay

Taking into consideration the statement that, “Vitamin E is a proven antioxidant and may help in fighting cancer and heart disease” it follows that there is nothing ambiguous about it. This can be attributed to the fact that the word “may” has been used. The usage of the word shows that the chance of vitamin A helping in prevention of cancer and heart diseases are not 100% and this happens to the case. It follows that the statement is therefore, not ambiguous.

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