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Laptops for High School Students

Many teachers believe that educational technology is essential for students in the learning process. Chalk and the blackboard are now considered relics of the past and computer systems are now being used for teaching at the high school level everywhere.   Laptops were basically invented because there was a need for easier and greater access to computers. A laptop provides multiple learning outcomes for students and is available for daily classroom content. Laptops create a stimulating environment which highlights the reality of the digital world for students. Due to the changing times, technology is evident everywhere.

IQ Tests Are Not An Accurate Measure Of A Person’s Intelligence

It is practically not possible to measure or assess a person’s intelligence. The IQ of a person depends on several variables, such as the socio-economic status of the parents and their own education and intelligence, environment, state of health and several other variables If the person taking or participating in the IQ test suffers from any ailment, mental or physical then he/she would probably score poorly in the test. This does not mean that the person is less intelligent than the person achieving the highest score.   Or a person may do exceptionally well in the test, but this would not really indicate that the person is super intelligent.

Literacy: Are Americans Literate?

The percentage of literacy in America is dependent upon which of the several definitions of literacy is quoted.  Governments may consider people as being educated those who can read a couple of thousand simple words they learned and memorized in the first four years in school. Other people may term such people as being practically illiterate if they do not possess the capability to use basic sources of written information like warning labels and driving instructions. It is practically impracticable to give firm rates of literacy as this is not completely measurable. However, the quoted 15% figure for full literacy is the same as that of a university undergraduate level, which means that the American reads at a 7th or 8th-grade level which is also dependable upon suggestions.   

Essay: Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Theory

Sample Essay

With this in mind, school administrators and designers have consequently taken new measures that seek to ensure that cases of crimes, fire,  violence and threats in schools are minimal of not totally prevented.