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Internal crimes committed/aided by members of staff

Internal crimes are types of crimes that are committed by employees within an organization. These are fraud, theft, white collar crime, pilferage, and shoplifting. On the other hand, external crimes are those types of crimes that are committed by non-employees which include robbery, vandalism, and burglary. This shows that an internal crime is one of the most singular and biggest problems faced by companies. Staff dishonesty takes place when the opportunity to carry out a crime is less risky and chances of being caught are low.This is more evident in many retails sectors around the world and the results of these problems can be seen in higher prices and sliding profits.

Essay: Strategy for Defending Party in Criminal Case

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Under the circumstances it is not possible for the lawyers of Mr. Ellis to file for exclusion of the evidence or to term the evidence as tainted under the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine as the evidence which was collected was collected through lawful means and no constitutional amendments were violated. Due to the case being a murder case the house of the defendant was a crime scene and as a result the evidence collected from his room was authentic and legal.

Essay: Specific victim policies

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Specific victim policies as suggested by law and order are limited to personal crimes of violence against property mainly by strangers resulting from assaults, murders, rape, robbery and burglary. These instill fear of crime and useful to law and order lawyers by playing with emotions of public. Victims are perceived to be virtuous while offenders are evil doers; the advocates take advantage by appealing to emotions of public.

Essay: Theoretical Explanation of Rape Crime

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Theoretical explanation of rape crime is as a result of ongoing influence of the morality and punishment paradigm. Most theories that explain rape crime in a social context are based on question of punishment and morality (Ellis1, 989, p. 162). Evidently, it is a common knowledge that morality and punishment are fundamental principles of society. Siegel, (2006) offers an inclusive theoretical explanation of rape crime in a unified Trait Theory in criminology arena.