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Link Between Juvenile Offenders And Substance Use

The most important link between juvenile offenders and substance is the similar fluctuation patterns between chronological and shared deduction from unswerving tendencies. These tendencies start to decrease as the juveniles move toward late adolescence, which means that if appropriately handled the treatment can be more effective and reduce the numbers of juvenile offenders who turn into adult offenders. Repeated juvenile offenders are more likely to be using drugs and should be treated because it takes around $40,000/- to take care of an incarcerated person and $3,000/- for substance treatment. ). To earn the best grades in your Project Report-Research Papers you should choose an academic writing service that will meet your best writing needs.

Legalizing Drugs Would Win The War on Drugs

Banned substances and drugs should be made legal, according to a radical new report. This was the view of world leaders on the Global Commission on Drug Policy which proposed a radical solution to the war on drugs: Legalize them. The suggestion is just one of several recommendations which aim to redefine how the world sees drugs. With commissioners ranging from Virgin founder Richard Branson to former U.N. secretary-general Kofi Annan and former Brazilian president Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the report’s conclusions aren’t so much surrender to the war on drugs but a battle cry for a new one. “The facts speak for themselves. It is time to change course and start focusing on the drug users and not the drugs.

Legal Foundation of Criminal Evidence

When a criminal matter is referred to the court, the most difficult part is proving the case against the accused is in presenting evidence to the court regarding the guilt of the accused, and the accused providing evidence that would get a judgment in his/her favor. Evidence must be presented within the framework of guidelines set by laws governing testimony. Testimony can be oral or written statements and may also be presented in the form of exhibits. Presenting evidence is necessary but not adequate for being allowed to be used in courts. Relevant evidence may be disregarded if it is collective or is not legible, or is not according to guidelines set by the court.

Joining Forces To Combat Terrorism

The entire world needs to join together to fight terrorism. All the countries that are currently affected by terrorism ought to join together to fight this menace that countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Emirates have funded to create. The major purpose of Saudi Arabia was to implement their version of Islam by any means. They initially funded Al-Qaeda when it supported the rebellion against the government in Syria to establish their influence in that country and to negate the influence of Iran and Russia. The war in Syria and Iraq gave rise to ISIS which now threatens to take over the Middle East and other Muslim countries in the region.