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Importance of Marketing & Advertising in a Business

Marketing is one of the most important components of a business affecting sales and productivity. Attracting customers is not as easy as we think, especially when there is tough competition out there in the market. All business owners understand the importance of marketing, but they cannot distinguish between marketing and advertising. Marketing has vast boundaries and advertising is just a part of it.

Essay: Social security provides low rate of return

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Economics critics and analyzers have purported that the scheme of Social Security provide a very low rate of return at the long run. This is when the program is compared to the result obtained in private retirement accounts which seem to be higher. Critics have also pointed out that under the laws of Social Security which existed in the past, several employees had an option to take the program of Social Security or leave it in the wake of 1980s.

Essay: Tax proposal increase total consumption spending

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The tax proposal can increase the consumption spending if the marginal propensity of the poor families increases to saving 0 like they are used to. This would mean that their consumption spending function changes and this increases their spending from 250 to 300. This happens if the consumption spending of the rich families is at ceteris paribus (Earman, Glymour & Mitchell, 2003).

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Essay: Welfare and the Workplace

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Are family-responsive benefits simply an extension of more traditional fringe benefits— such as health, life, and disability insurance, and retirement pensions— such that organizations that already offer a wide range of benefits are most likely to expand their offerings to include family-responsive policies?